Food: The Elephant eats plants,grass and trees.The Elephant can eat up to 660 pounds of food.Elephants have grazers and browsers, which makes it easier for them to find food.

Elephant 1

Habitat:The Elephant lives in Africa.If you want me to be more specific,the Elephant lives in areas where theres lots of food and water.

Elephant 2

Size:The Elephant weighs about 6000 – 7000 kg.Its Length is 3 meters.



Red Panda

Food: The Red Panda eats stuff like bamboo, leaves, fresh shoots, berries, blossoms, bird eggs and a lot of different plants.

red panda

Habitat: The Red Panda lives in three places: Sichuan, Yunnan, and Xizang. You also find them in bamboo forests.

red panda 2

Size: Red Pandas are about 42 inches long, including the tail. They weigh between 7 and 14 pounds.

Snow Leopard

Food: Snow Leopards eat wild sheep and goats. They can also take down something three times its weight. How crazy is that?


Habitat: Snow Leopards live in the High Mountains of Central Asia.


Size: 4 to 5 ft (1.2 to 1.5 m); Tail, 36 in (91 cm).

Arctic Hare

Food: The Arctic Hare eats things you wouldn’t think they’d eat. They eat woody plants, mosses, lichens, berries, leaves, bark and roots and some other things.


Habitat: The Arctic Hare lives in the northern part of Canada. and lots of places in Greenland. It also lives in Russia and some places in Iceland. It lives in the arctic.


Size: The size of a Arctic Hare is 43 to 70 cm (17 to 28 in) long, not counting a tail length of 4.5–10 cm (1.8–3.9 in). The body mass of this species is between 2.5–5.5 kg (6–12 lb), though large specimens can weigh up to 7 kg (15 lb).

Now that is a rabbit!


Food: A Skunks diet is very interesting. They eat insects and larvae, earthworms, grubs, small rodents, lizards, salamanders, frogs, snakes, birds, moles, and eggs. They also commonly eat berries, roots, leaves, grasses, fungi, and nuts. There omnivores.


Habitat: They live across North America, from central Canada down to northern Mexico and can be found throughout Florida. Also they spray predators with a smelly chemical to protect them selves.


Size : A skunks size can go from about 15.6 to 37 in (40 to 94 cm). Skunks can weigh 1.1 lb.

What an incredible animal.

Killer Whales

Food: Here is some examples of what killer whales eat… they eat beat seals, sea lions, fur seal, walruses and sea otters What killer whales do to hunt there prey is they beat them up in till they cant function any more before eating it. They beat it up by throwing it in the air, slapping it with its tail and ramming it. killer_whale 2 Habitat: Killer whales are seen all over the ocean from the frigid Arctic and Antarctic regions to tropical seas. Killer whales sleep close to the surface of the water.

killer_whale 3

Size: A male killer whale can grow 19 to 26 feet and 6 to 8 meters long. Male killer whales can weigh just over 13,200 pounds. A female killer whale can weigh up 11,000 pounds and can only grow to 16 to 23 feet and 5 to 7 meters long.