Fire Ant

Food: Ants eat anything from fungus and dead bugs to human food. They really like sweet stuff like candy or honey.


Habitat: Ants live in ant-hills that tunnel very deep into the ground. They have many chambers where they grow and store food.


Size: Queen ants are about 0.8 cm long. Ants sizes range from 0.2 cm to 0.8 cm and all those sizes are in one colony.


Monarch Butterfly

Food: Did you know that monarch butterflies have straw-like tongues that they use to suck up food. They find nourishment by drinking the liquids found in fruits, plants and flowers. When monarch butterflies drink the juice from milkweed, it makes their bodies poisonous to predators.


Habitat: Monarch Butterfly’s live in north central America and Southern Canada. when the winter comes they fly to Mexico to stay there for the winter.


Size: monarch butterfly’s grow fromĀ  27 grams to about .75 grams.

what a big butterfly.