Hi welcome to the animal palace! I will be talking about me and my blog. now some of you probably know that I am 10 years old and I like animals a lot. I take pictures of wild animals when my dad and I go on drives. And whenever I see an animal that is injured or a bird that cant fly I help out.  So some of you guys are wondering, how did you want to do a blog in the first place? Well I Write books and I write poems on the computer all the time. And after all that, I wanted to do a website! A website on wild animals. So I’m doing one.

Take care

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. I am also wondering where you are getting all your information? It is good to know where the information is coming from. =)

  2. Hi Mason! Your Mom (Melissa) asked me to check this out.(I am a friend of hers) Amazing!! I, too, am an animal lover, have been all my life. This is awesome, so keep up the work, aka David Suzuki 🙂 Val Larsen

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